Meet Our Team

Meet the Cashco Executive Team

At Cashco, our motto is "we’re big in small things." To us, that reflects more than just the size of our products. It reflects our focus on the small details that add up to big benefits for our customers. As the travel size industry evolves with the larger retail landscape, we provide the details, the vision and the data to keep your category profitable.

Ron Runyan - Cashco Distributors

Ron Runyan - President

As a kid, Ron spent his days playing in the aisles of our original building. Now, he spends his days building Cashco into a national brand and a trusted partner to some of the largest mass market stores in the country. In his spare time, Ron is an avid sailor and has served on the boards of the Willamette Sailing Club, the Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation and the Lido 14 Class Association.

Nikki Johnson - Cashco Distributors

Nikki Johnson - National Sales Manager

When Nikki joined the Cashco team in 2016, she brought over 13 years of sales, management and marketing experience to our clients. Nikki has worked with top beauty brands like L’Oreal, Cargo Cosmetics, Louis Vuitton, Moet-Hennessy and Lasik Vision Institute. Nikki lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter, where she volunteers to benefit underserved neighborhoods and children.

Tom Slovenkay - Cashco Distributors

Tom Slovenkay - Executive Vice President

Throughout Tom’s career, he’s worked with all the major players in domestic mass market and grocery: Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, K-Mart, Stop-n-Shop, Ahold, and many more. Tom uses this experience to offer Cashco partners strategic recommendations, long-term retail planning guidance and insight into a rapidly evolving industry. Tom spends his spare time with his wife biking and playing tennis in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Pat Rodda - Cashco Distributors

Pat Rodda - Vice President of Sales

For nearly three decades, Pat has been helping companies grow through data analysis, process improvement and problem solving combined with a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Pat listens to our clients to ensure their needs are being solved with smart programs and modern sales analytics. Pat is devoted to helping children in foster care and serves as a court-appointed special advocate.

Albert Christensen - Cashco Distributors

Albert Christensen - CFO

Albert Christensen's experience working with dozens of companies has taught him that a fiscally healthy company depends on developing performance metrics and identifying key areas of change. He's used this approach to skyrocket businesses in every industry, from software to nonprofit to global manufacturers. Albert takes a holistic view to financial oversight. His favorite challenge has been helping entrepreneurial organizations see their vision and passion come to fruition through tactical financial guidance.