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About Cashco :: Cashco Distributors

30 years of successful experience

Cashco has been in business since 1978, and we’re specialists in travel/trial-size products. With more than 400 items in this category, we currently serve more than 3,000 retailers nationwide. We understand the demands placed on buyers and category managers, so you can count on us to ensure your travel/trial section carries the most popular and fastest-moving products. We design specialized programs for our clients rather than adapting a standard convenience-store model, and we make it easy and profitable to buy for and manage your travel/trial category.

Even if you already carry travel/trial-size products, we’re confident you can use our knowledge and experience to improve your product mix, lower your costs and increase your sales. Contact us to find out more about what Cashco can do for you.


Times have changed!

Cashco got its start in the 1970s – and while prices have increased since then, so has our experience and expertise.



Meet the Cashco team

Lon D. Getlin
Chief Executive Officer

Lon is a 37-year veteran of mid- and senior-level management. With a focus in sales, marketing and management development, his career experiences extends from Fortune 500 companies to small, privately held companies. An 18-year career in the insurance industry led to executive management positions with two large insurance companies, Paul Revere and UNUM-Provident. In 2000, he left his position as a vice president to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity. Lon co-founded a highly successful pharmaceutical company, RxEMS, which provided drugs and disposable medical supplies nationwide to public and private EMS services. In 2005 he sold his interest in the company and began a search for new business opportunities. That search led him to Cashco Distributors where he serves in the position of Chief Executive Officer.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin while on a full wrestling scholarship, Lon entered the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served a combat tour as an infantry officer in Vietnam. His Marine Corps career eventually led to aviation, where he became an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot and a Top Gun graduate.

Lon is an avid classical guitarist and serves on the Executive Board of The Oregon Partnership, a nonprofit organization specializing in substance abuse and suicide prevention. Lon also works as a Team Leaded for the V.E.T Foundation and spends two weeks per year at a Pennsylvania retreat working with wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Jaye, Lon’s wife of 26 years, is a prominent Northwest attorney, and together they have been foster parents to children for nearly 25 years. (Lon is currently a member of Governor Kulongoski’s Task Force on Disproportionality in Foster Care.) Lon and Jaye have two sons: Mike is a recent Harvard graduate and the Executive Vice President of a large investment company, and Rand, a recent graduate of USC’s law school is the founder of Synergy Sports Consulting.


Ron Runyan

As the son of company founder Floyd Runyan, Ron has been involved in Cashco for the better part of three decades. In the early days, it was all play among the aisles and shelves of our warehouse. In 2003 he joined his father’s management team as vice president and became Cashco’s president in 2006.

Ron is no stranger to the rigors of management. His practical experience in the business world is matched only by his highly impressive education. With an economics degree from the University of Oregon and an MBA from Vanderbilt University, Ron was well prepared to provide Cashco with the next generation of management leadership. Prior to joining Cashco as a key member of the senior management team, Ron held management positions with Ingram Industries in Nashville, Tenn., and Sanda Communications in Portland.

Ron spends much of his leisure time racing sailboats and serves on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation and the Governing Board of the Lido 14 Class Association in Newport Beach, Calif. He has also served on the Board of the Willamette Sailing Club in Portland. He enjoys his volunteer time with Powerhouse Mentoring, a program in Portland for foster children. He has been active in theater during much of his adult life. In 1995, Ron’s acting “career” reached its climax when he toured Europe, entertaining troops for the Department of Defense during the Bosnian war. Fortunately for Cashco, Ron decided to keep his day job!


Pat Rodda
Vice President of Sales

With more than 28 years of sales and management experience, Pat joined Cashco Distributors as the national sales manager in 2003. In January 2008, Pat’s outstanding service to the company resulted in a promotion to vice president of sales, where he oversees the company’s sales and marketing activities.

In 1986, Pat co-founded Cascade Marketing and Sales, a company that became nationally renowned for its expertise in helping manufacturers and distributors develop innovative strategies and sales programs. Pat’s exceptional experience in sales and marketing has impacted more than 100 companies over a professional career in which he provided guidance in staffing, developing incentive compensation plans, customer relations and top-line sales growth. Since joining Cashco, Pat has had a tremendous impact on the company’s growth, and his experience in the grocery and drug chain industries has proved invaluable.

Pat is the proud father of three grown sons who still keep him busy. Physical fitness also plays a vital role in Pat’s life. He is an avid runner and enjoys golf, skiing, yoga and dancing Bhangra. Pat is also seriously dedicated to community service and the plight of children in foster care. He serves as a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) and is active in raising funds for organizations that support foster kids after they are emancipated. Cashco is very proud to have Pat as a member of our senior management team.


Dan Regester
Director of Customer Service

Dan recently moved from Las Vegas NV, and Cashco was fortunate enough to hire him before he was snapped up by another company! With 15 years of customer service experience in multiple industries, Dan specialized in the development of customized services and solutions for customers from all parts of the world. With a thorough understanding of ISO principles and techniques, Dan brings a proactive approach to working with our Cashco customer, and he is an invaluable addition to our senior management team.

As Director of Customer Service, Dan is responsible for ensuring that Cashco customers receive a level of service unmatched by any of our competitors. His technical skills, management experience, attention to detail, analytical capacity, and his ability to build strong relationships make him the ideal choice to lead our ever-expanding Customer Service Department. His job is simple: He is required to look out for you! Whether developing new procedures, streamlining processes, managing projects, or thinking out-side-the-box, Dan is always looking for a better way to provide service.

Dan spends his leisure time enjoying the good life Portland has to offer. If he’s not out enjoying the town, he can be found on the slopes of Mt. Hood, snowboarding on the mountain’s nearly year-round snowpack. Hiking and camping are among his other interests, and his new home affords him plenty of opportunity for those activities. Dan also enjoys returning to Las Vegas, however, where he claims to be on a continuous mission to visit every hotel pool in Las Vegas!



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