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Find out why Cashco has been a trusted partner in category management for 40 years. Why Cashco? Partner with Us If you're not getting spectacular results from your travel category, let us show you how you can. Learn More Travel Sizes Cashco is now part of Navajo Incorporated, headquartered in Denver Colorado. Visit Navajo Inc. New Larger Team

Customized Programs

What happens when you combine deep industry expertise, innovative display solutions, the largest selection of travel size SKUs in the nation, and a data-supported understanding of your specific customers? You get a fully customizable category program that is space-efficient, unique to each store, and guaranteed to delight customers. Whether you’re a supplier or a purchasing manager, customized programs equal one simple benefit: more customers are going to find more of what they’re looking for, more of the time. And that’s a win-win for everyone.

Data Driven Results

Tired of guessing what your customers are going to buy, when they’re going to buy it, and how much to order? At Cashco, we speak data, which means we provide buyers with forecast accuracy and strategic recommendations based on detailed store analytics. The result is less wasted product for manufacturers and less wasted shelf-space for buyers.

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A Family Feel

Ever since we opened our doors in 1972, we’ve been a family operation and we extend that to everything we do at Cashco. Loyalty, teamwork and integrity define the way we treat our staff, our partners and our customers.  When you work with Cashco, you can expect to be treated, not just like our most important customer, but like family. Every time.

Working with Cashco Distributors


"On behalf of Fred Meyer Stores I want to thank you, and all from Cashco for a fantastic year. From the inception of the program in Period 3, sales were up 30%, a fantastic accomplishment. We want to acknowledge to you that Cashco was one of our finalist’s in our vendor of the year award for Health and Beauty Care. Thanks for all you do!"


Greg Johnson, Vice President/Merchandiser, Fred Meyer Stores

"Nice Gain in Sales! Went from 38K on trial size to 112K. Up 200% in 26 weeks. Great Job, Thanks for the support! Thanks."


Debbie English - Category Manager HBC, Quality Food Centers

"Looks like sales are building as we got new stores on board through the period. Things are still looking very positive with the new trial size program. It’s really tough to compare these numbers with other categories, but I can tell you that trial is growing at a much greater rate than most of the rest of HBC."


Brian Villiott - Category Manager, Fred Meyer Stores

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