A natural progression in travel/trial

Consumer demand for natural products has never been higher, and they continue to grow in consumer popularity. Offering natural products in travel/trial sizes is a market-savvy way to introduce customers to new products, and an effective way to give them what they want. Travel/trial sizes encourage customers to try out new brands and items, because they’re more willing to pay for a trial size of a new product than a full-size package.

Stocking natural products in your travel/trial section – or creating a separate section just for natural products – sends the signal to your customers that you care about the green/natural movement, and it can set you apart from your less environmentally friendly competition. We have dozens of natural products for you to choose from, plus custom-designed fixtures to display them. Contact us today to see if our travel/trial natural products are a good fit for you.





Show you’re in touch

Offering a separate section for natural travel/trial products lets your customers know you’re listening to their needs.