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In-Line Shelving:
The clear acrylic fronts and dividers on slanted shelves really showcase products.


Trial sizes—a great way to let customers try out new natural products

The movement to natural products continues to gain momentum as consumers increasingly turn to products made without synthetic chemicals and to manufacturers committed to sustainable practices. Offering natural products in travel and trial sizes is an effective way to meet your customers' needs and introduce them to new products.

One of the benefits of trial sizes is that they encourage customers to try out new brands and items. Customers are more willing to buy a trial size of a new product than to pay the price of a full-size package. And as they sample these high-quality trial sizes, they'll recognize that your store is a great place to discover new natural products.

Our versatile, specially designed displays and purchasing programs solve the problem of displaying travel and trial size products attractively and cost-effectively on shelves designed for full-size items. Our displays stand out, and they have holding power without loading you up with inventory.