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Trial and Travel Size Health and Beauty Care Products

Get bigger profits from your smaller sizes
You can earn more profit per linear foot from your travel and trial size section with Cashco than with any other distributor--or even factory direct. Contact us and we'll show you the numbers.

Get the most from travel and trial sizes in your health and beauty care section

The trial and travel size category can be a headache for both stores and their buyers: inconvenient case packs, spotty availability, high SKU turnover, poor information and merchandising challenges. But at Cashco we've spent decades learning how to help grocery and drug stores make the most of this category. We'll keep your section looking good, up to date and well stocked, minimizing hassle and maximizing profit.

We make it our business to be the best in this category. We're the leading distributor of trial and travel sizes in the Western United States, so look to Cashco for the hottest items, highest fill rates and widest selection (more than 450 SKUs) in the industry. We now offer a wide variety of natural products in travel and trial sizes. Read more on our Natural Products page.

To learn more about improving your travel and trial size category, call us at 800-962-4731 or e-mail us at [email protected].