Specialized programs tailored to your needs

For a relatively small display area, travel/trial sections have far more profit potential than many retailers recognize. If you’re offering just a few of these products, and only because you think they’re necessary, you’re simply buying items. Let us show you the difference between buying items and developing a program.

Cashco has been introducing innovations in this category for more than three decades – we live and breathe travel/trial products, and we develop customized programs for clients throughout the U.S. Our products are sold in more than 3,000 retail outlets, and we carry more than 400 travel/trial SKUs. As a Cashco client, you’ll benefit from a program that we research and develop to fit your exact needs, factoring in elements that include:

If you’re not getting spectacular results from your travel/trial sizes, let us show you how you can.

Let’s talk!

We can provide you with a free analysis of your current program that will show you how much you can grow sales.



Looking good makes the difference

Display style can make the difference between a section succeeding or failing. We offer custom displays to take advantage of your setting.